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a letter to my future self


a letter to my future self

Kimberley Doerksen

At the beginning of the year, New Balance asked the #TeamNB athletes to write a short post or letter to their future self.  Mulling over my athletic career and the changes that have lead me to where I am today, it was hard to articulate everything I wanted to say in a short letter.  This was the result:

Dear Kimberley,

Remember when you were 7 years old and first dreamt of becoming an Olympian? This led to countless hours of training, “sacrifices” and choices made to help better your chances of making that dream a reality.  You let yourself become vulnerable by putting your heart and soul into those aspirations. There were incredible highs that came with every small or large success, but were paired with the black-as-night lows that shook your confidence making you doubt everything.  Those were the times where you had no control over what had happened, only over how you’d get through it.  And you did.  Every single time.  Largely due to the incredible support from the ones who believed in your lofty goals and crazy ideas even when you didn’t.  Remember how selfless they were in supporting you, and strive to be that person for someone else.  Remember that through the inevitable moments of “I can’t” and other people’s “you can’t”, it’s your job to believe you can.  Then, take a deep breath, slip on your shoes and let the foot fall rhythms of your imperfect stride be the voice reminding you can fly.

With love,